Shock cord or velcro?

If you are not sure which is for you, here's the deal.  First of all, I should be calling it hook and loop, but whatever.  We're going with velcro.

Shock Cord

  • It looks pretty cool.
  • Distributes load better and holds a bit more securely with less movement.
  • Takes a lot longer to install and remove.  Even I get frustrated sometimes.  Reminds me of threading needles back when I first started sewing.



  • Looks cool, but probably not as cool as shock cord.
  • Easy to install and remove, but if you don't like the sound of velcro opening, oh man maybe this isn't for you.  Krtchhhcchchch.
  • Some folks worry about longevity but it's not really an issue.  Sure, if you still have that velcro wallet you had when you were seven, that probably doesn't stick well anymore.  But I don't think that will be a problem.


In summary...whichever one you decide, your frame bag isn't gonna fall off.  Most people go with shock cord.  Most likely because it looks pretty awesome.  

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