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Half frame bags, finally!  Available in standard sizes in black and white, these are awesome for road and gravel bikes when you still want to access your bottles, or your mountain bike when, well, when you still want to access your bottles.  If you've been thinking about a frame bag and said to yourself, "But where do I put my water?" (in a Watering Hole), or "I could probably only fill that half full" (bring more snacks), then the half frame bag might be for you.


Measurements are as follows (TT = Top Tube, ST = Seat Tube, B = Bottom)


  • TT = 17", ST = 4.5", B = 13"


  • TT = 18.5", ST = 4.75", B = 14.5"


  • TT = 20", ST = 5", B = 16"