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Snack Break

Snack Break

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The Snack Break is our top tube bag.  Fill it with snacks, take a break, and eat your snacks.  It will fit pretty much any bike, and is designed to work with Watering Holes and a frame bag.  The Velcro strap on the bottom of the Snack Break is fixed for stability, and along the front you have two positions to choose from.  With a little bit of cursing you can use one piece of Velcro to secure the Snack Break and two Watering Holes.


The Snack Break is made from X-Pac VX21, which is a durable, waterproof material.  However, the whole sewing thing puts a whole lot of holes in the fabric, which can let water seep in.  A lot of water will be kept out, but not all.  So if you are stashing your phone, important legal documents or some unpackaged cookies, maybe use a Ziploc.



  • 8" long, 4" high at front, 1" high at back
  • X-Pac VX21 exterior, bright yellow polyester pack cloth interior
  • Bottom and sides padded with 1/8" closed cell foam
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